Get your Brand Noticed with Promotional Merchandise

Get your Brand Noticed with Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Merchandises are an integral part of marketing these days. Everyone wants to get ahead of the game and tries to draw in the maximum customers. For that not only the product and the services have to be good, but also certain aspects have to be added so that the customers get attracted to the brand. Promotional branded merchandise serve this function.

There are many types of promotional gifts to choose from. Ranging from coffee and beer mugs, coasters, office stationeries like files, folders and les, clothing items like caps and t-shirts, key rings etc, the list is endless. For better options you can choose flutes and wallets, pen sets etc. all of them have to be etched with the brand name and logo and other contact information. If your brand doesn’t have any logo, approach a reputed logo design company for the assistance. This will showcase your brand very well and customers will be happy with these perks.

You must also see to the fact that these promotional items can be cheap if you are on a budget but do not compromise on the quality to save money. That is because; the quality of the product will automatically become synonymous with the brand that distributes them. A sub- standard promotional merchandise will only mean that the products of the brand are too of the same nature and the customers will not go back to it. Remember, promotional merchandises are there to attract the customers but you will not be able to hold them for long if you compromise on quality in any respect.

So do buy promotional merchandise with care and you will soon see your brand reaching the peaks of success that you have always wanted. And all the investment that you have out in will come back to you in double the amounts for sure.

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Website Building and Management

Creating a personalized website is the exciting and necessary step that every business must take in order to increase its online presence in today’s world of e-commerce. 10x Marketing provides the following website development services—designed especially for small- and medium-sized businesses—all of which are easy to manage and easy to customize at a price that small business can afford:

10x Marketing knows that time is not abundant. You probably don’t have the time to design and manage your own website. However, you probably know that maintaining an online presence is essential in the business world, so let 10x Marketing provide you with the website management tools that allow you to create, customize, and manage your own website within a few hours—not days.

Domain Names
10x Marketing will, in addition, obtain relevant domain names for your business website. These domain names will represent your business’s online address.

Business-Specific Templates
Choosing the right design and content that matches your specific business is quick and easy with our website templates. With literally hundreds of templates to choose from you can have a comprehensive, professional-looking website and be online without spending a lot of time, effort, or money doing so. Each template can be easily customized to conform to you specific business needs. If you can use a word processor then you can customize these templates to your business.

Custom Design and Content
If you’re looking for a more original look and feel or need custom content written for your site, we offer custom design and content writing services to build a website that reflects the individuality of you and your business. Our in-house staff of experts will work directly with you to ensure the creation of a website that you will be proud of.

Shopping Carts
A shopping cart is your website’s online point-of-sale. 10x Marketing can provide you with a shopping cart that will assist your online customers to quickly and effectively purchase the products that they are looking for. In addition, our online tracking technology will provide you with pertinent, on demand reports to help you manage and fulfill your online sales.

Content Management
Once a domain name has been created, your website has been designed, and your shopping cart developed then your website is ready for online traffic. However, if you should choose to edit or develop new website content you can do so with 10x Marketing’s content management tool. Content Management has never been so easy.

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Web Analytics

Have you ever wished you could…

Know how to better convert your visitors into buyers?
Have a timely, relevant Web content management report to help you determine where you are losing your customers?
Receive regular reports that will clearly demonstrate the return on investment from your online marketing efforts?
Perform A-B testing on your site to discover your customers’ likes and dislikes?
Ensure the marketing money you spend is focused on advertising campaigns with the highest advertising effectiveness and impact on your bottom line?

Via a strategic partnership, 10x Marketing is able to offer Omniture’s SiteCatalyst tracking tool to small- and medium-sized businesses for a fraction of the cost.

We know you are faced with tough challenges every day that determine the marketing and sales decisions you have to pursue. The ability to access the right information is essential to making the decisions that will help you achieve your company’s objectives.

10x Marketing is offering you the key to achieving higher rates of success from your website. An enterprise class Web analytic tool, SiteCatalyst, is now an affordable and essential tool for all small- to medium-sized companies.

Now you can obtain accurate, timely answers to the questions affecting the ROI of your online business.

SiteCatalyst is cost-effective, accurate, and comprehensive; it requires no software to install or hardware to maintain; and it does not create the need to hire additional staff. It will provide you with access to a wide array of real time information and bring you the advertising effectiveness that no other tool available on the market can offer.

It will change your online marketing perspective from ambiguity and speculation to knowledge and empowerment!

Use SiteCatalyst to:

Perform Web traffic analysis by tracking activities on your website and analyzing the flow of visitors through your site, page by page.

Achieve trend analysis by spotting usage trends, viewing detailed graphs and data over time, and combining your most important reports onto one page for better convenience.

Accomplish e-commerce analysis by making changes that will influence visitors’ purchases.

Perform customer analysis to evaluate advertising effectiveness, be automatically notified when key metrics reach or fall behind expectations , and to understand how the location of your visitors drives their behavior.

Immediately access over 150,000 reports and custom settings.

Have custom reports regularly e-mailed to you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire about SiteCatalyst, the best option to increase your online profitability.

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Trade your Self Managed Superannuation Fund

Responsible SMSF Management

You owe it to yourself and your family to take SMSF management very seriously. This responsibility is not fulfilled unless you know:

What risk you are comfortable with and the corresponding return expectations.
The exact strategies you are going to employ with your SMSF capital.
Your risk management rules to ensure you stay within your risk appetite.

Can You Beat Fund Managers?

Australia has seen a huge wave of people taking control of their retirement funding plan by starting their own SMSF.

Unfortunately though, many people who think they can do a better job than the pro’s quickly work out that it is harder than it looks. And why wouldn’t it be – do you seriously think you’re smarter than the combined talent employed by the average fund manager? Of course you’re not.

The good news is that you don’t have to be as smart as a fund manager, because you have less money. This might sound strange, but it is much easier to beat the market with small capital pools than with large.

It basically comes down to market impact. Small trades have a negligible effect on the market which means we can use strategies that take advantage of niche market efficiencies that the big end of town simply can’t participate in.

The net result of this phenomenon is that you can expect to do much better than large fund managers, provided you have the strategies to do so.

SMSF Strategy Example: Rotational Portfolio Model

Over the last decade HomeTrader has spent millions of dollars researching strategies of beating the market. It seems rational to learn from those that have trodden the path before you vs. re-inventing the wheel at huge time and financial cost.

Rotational portfolio management is one of our most popular strategies for people looking to responsibly manage their SMSF, and for good reason, we have observed considerable sustained market outperformance with these models.

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Start Small and Build

You Have to Start Somewhere

Most people start out their financial careers with only limited funds, and it is up to them to deploy those resources effectively in order to maximise the wealth they accumulate for themselves and their families.

You might be surprised to learn that modest sized investment funds can put you at an advantage in generating market beating returns.

Smaller is Better

This might sound strange, but it is much easier to beat the market with small capital pools than with large.

This is put down primary to the fact that as a small investor, your impact on the market when you transact is negligible, and therefore you are able to enact strategies that bigger capital pools cannot use.

As a comparison, think about your average fund manager with say $1billion to invest. In reality all they can do is execute a buy and hold strategy because if they regularly bought and sold, they would push the market price around, and in doing so would erode their edge. You don’t have this problem.

Strategy Example: Mean Reversion Trading with CFDs

Over the last decade HomeTrader has spent millions of dollars researching strategies of beating the market. It seems rational to learn from those that have trodden the path before you vs. re-inventing the wheel at huge time and financial cost.

Mean reversion trading is one of our most popular strategies for people looking to build their capital from a modest base, and for good reason. We have observed considerable sustained market outperformance with these models.

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Small Business Solutions

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean it can’t be visible on the Internet. In fact, the Internet is often the perfect place for your small business to have a significant presence. 10x Marketing offers a variety of solutions for small businesses that are looking to grow their business using the Internet. Whether you’re a beginner who needs a website or a veteran interested in driving more targeted traffic to your existing site, we have a solution for you.

Website Development and Management. Our platform can help a small business create a comprehensive and professional online presence in minutes. Once online, you have everything you need to manage every aspect of your online business from managing your customers to measuring your results. Our web content management system makes it easy to modify your website whenever you want to without a webmaster. In addition, you can quickly set up your entire company with email addresses that reflect your own URL or business name.

Site Visibility. The gateway to higher natural rankings in search engines is submitting your website to the major search engines and directories. This lets the search engines know that your site exists so that they will begin to look at it regularly and include it in their results for keywords relevant to your business. Our iSEE (internet Search Engine Exposure) service will help you take the first necessary steps to achieving increased Internet visibility.

Pay-For-Performance Advertising. Once your website has been submitted to the major search engines and directories, there are further steps to take to make your presence known. Our Pay-For-Performance (PFP) Advertising services guarantee that your website will receive a specific number of qualified visitors for an affordable flat monthly fee.

Website Analysis and Automated Reporting. Have you ever wondered how the visitors to your website got there or what they did once they were there? With our Website Traffic Analytics services, you can find out whether your website visitors come from a search engine search, type your web address into a browser, or follow a link on another site. You can also see how many pages on your website each visitor sees, which pages are most frequently visited, and much more. All of this information is summarized into an easy-to-read email report delivered directly to your inbox each week.

Email Marketing. Another effective medium for driving new business to your company is email. You can send emails to your customers, prospects, or partners—anyone who is important to your business—that are professionally written and can be customized to match your specific wants and needs. Electronic newsletters are a great vehicle for increasing brand recognition and promoting your business. Our experienced Internet marketing team can help you with everything from creating a professional-looking design to reporting on the success of each email blast.

Point-of-Sale. Through one of our sister companies, Jadeon, Inc., we’re able to offer full-service point-of-sale (POS) systems that meet your business’s needs. Jadeon has installed and is supporting over 3,000 POS systems, making it one of the largest POS sales and service companies in the nation.

Transaction Processing. Our Merchant Partners division is an industry leader in Internet based credit card and electronic check processing for businesses. Whether you are just taking your business online or you have an existing website that needs payment processing, we provide solutions to ensure your e-business success. Our products and expertise have made Web-based transactions reliable, secure, and scalable for thousands of merchants.

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Site Visibility

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is thinking that once their ecommerce website has been created, the revenue will flow. One of the beauties of the World Wide Web is the vast wealth of information it contains. However, because there is already so much information on the Web already, the addition of a new site is barely felt.

Search engines and directories are like a travelers’ guide to the Internet. The first step of having Internet “travelers” visit your site, then, is to get your website acknowledged by the search engines and directories. Submitting your website to them lets them know that you exist and gets you listed at least in the index of their “travelers’ guide.” The next step is to get yourself not just in the index but into the core of the guide so that “travelers” can read about you and know where to visit. 10x Marketing’s site visibility services will help you take those first necessary steps to achieving increased Internet visibility by getting yourself listed with search engines and directories.

Internet Search Engine Exposure (iSEE)
The purpose of iSEE is to get your website seen by all the major search engines and directories. iSEE services are available on two different levels:

iSEE Basic
For a one time fee of $50, we will submit your site to all of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. These search engines are credible and cover more than 90% of the available Internet. Offers that promise to submit your site to “thousands” of search engines are misleading and often result in you receiving lots of spam. If you are an international business, we can also submit to the international versions of search engines such as Google France or Yahoo Mexico. Along with submitting your website to reputable search engines, we will also submit it to the most popular directory sites on the Internet.

iSEE Plus
In addition to submitting your site to search engines and directories, for a one time fee of $195, we will write one article about your industry that has links to your website and submitting the article to at least five online publications. Article writing and submission include

Researching on your website and the Internet to find out about your company and industry.
Writing and proofing the content of the article.
Sending the article to you to approve and revise.
Making final revisions.
Submitting the article to five online publications.
We have found that this technique helps improves your website ranking by increasing the number of sites that link to your own website, a characteristic that many search engines value very highly.

With the help of 10x Marketing’s iSEE services, your website should be seen by all the major search engines within no more than 45 to 60 days. The next step, then, is to drive qualified traffic to your site, which can be accomplished with our Pay-For-Performance advertising.

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Risks associated with trading CFDs

Risk in the trading sense refers to the possibility of losing money in the market place (i.e. market exposure).

As with any form of investment, there are a number of risk factors that will impact on how well your portfolio performs over a period of time. Some of these factors relate to the company or its industry you are investing in or trading, while others are more broadly based. If you are not willing to take on any risk leave your money in the bank and even that isn’t an iron-clad guarantee!

A leveraged investment in derivatives carries a higher degree of risk to the investor, and due to fluctuations in value you may not get back the amount you invested. With certain transactions you may not only lose what you invested at the outset but may lose more than you invested depending on the amount of leverage you have taken. Only those who have experience in trading the stockmarket should consider trading CFDs

Take a look at some of our HomeTrader clients who have achieved over 200%^ return trading CFDs and read about some of their trading experiences.

Underlying Asset Risk

A consequence of volatility and illiquidity in the underlying asset can be “price gapping” where price fails to move in regular increments.

If this occurs you may experience slippage, where you receive an inferior execution price on your stop orders than your designated level. Subsequently you may incur losses greater than you anticipated and greater than your account balance if you are using leverage.

A trading halt or suspension of the underlying instrument will also affect your ability to deal in the CFD.

Shorting Risk

When using CFDs to short-sell your potential risk can be much greater than the face value of the transaction.

Shorting a position involves taking on a contingent liability where to close the position you must buy back the CFDs and you will be liable for any loss resulting from an upward move in the price. This loss can potentially be unlimited as theoretically a share price could rise to infinity. This differs from a long position where your loss is limited to the initial face value of the transaction.

For example, if you short-sell 10,000 CFDs at a price of $1.00 and your face value exposure is $10,000. If price rises to $2.00 your loss will be $10,000 (equal to the face value of the position). If price rises to $3.00 your loss will be $20,000 (greater than the initial face value of the position). As the price continues to rise your loss exposure will also rise and is unlimited.

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Research is Our Core

Is it arrogant to think that a lone individual can outsmart and outperform an active fund management firm that has many times the resources and capital?

It would certainly appear so.

Your fund manager is probably smarter than you, has more money than you, and has a team of analysts and PhD’s working for him/her.

Do you really think you have a chance?

The Active Fund Managers Secret

There is an embarrassing little statistic that most active fund managers (active means the managers who aim to beat the market) would rather the public not know about.

Historically, the majority of active managed funds have failed to even equal, let alone “beat” their benchmark indices.

Standard & Poor’s Index Versus Active Funds Scorecard (SPIVA) released in Mid-Year 2009 again shows that The S&P/ASX 200 index has outperformed two-thirds of active Australian general equity funds over the last 5 years.

Here’s the Bad News…

So we have a problem. If these very clever and hugely resourced people can’t beat the market, what chance do you and I have?

This tells us that either fund managers are not as clever as we think, or outperforming the Index is harder than we think? I would go with the latter, as on the whole, the fund management game attracts significant talent.

Size Does Matter (the Smaller the Better!)

The good news is that HomeTrader believe that as individuals we have some distinct advantages over large funds which make it significantly easier for us to produce outperformance.

The problem is that the more money you have to invest the harder it becomes to produce outperformance. Think about it, if a strategy can be used with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars then funds will use the strategy and the ‘edge’ will disappear. All that competition at the big end of town makes it very tough for the large capital pools.

To produce outperformance with big money requires exponentially more cleverness. This is not to say you don’t need to be clever even to produce outperformance with smaller amounts of money, you do, but not to the same extent.

Real Strategies with Real Pedigree

It is all too common in the “wealth education” industry to come across seminar spruikers teaching strategies that can be found in your average $30 book about investing. No matter how impressive these simple strategies might sound, if it’s common knowledge, it probably doesn’t work.

HomeTrader is one of the few educators who have truly clever people researching and developing unique strategies that have real pedigree and rigor behind them. You certainly won’t find them in a book.

Here’s just a few of the techniques taught to HomeTrader members of late;

Rotational Investing – This active investing technique taught in their advanced course involves using proprietary models for constructing equity portfolios with a goal of significant outperformance.

Mean Reversion – The trend is your friend right? – Wrong! This approach trades against the punters and looks to capitalise on their irrational, impulsive decisions.

Where to From Here?

So what should you do with your money? You can:

Recruit active managers. Entrust your money to a fund manager and cross your fingers that you picked the right one. Don’t forget that past results have no significant bearing on future results, so don’t look to track record for help.

Give up on outperformance. Invest in index funds and get market returns. Australian equities produced an average return of about 11.6% over the past 20 years.

Get clever. Provided you have less than $3 million to invest, you might not have to be as clever as you think. HomeTrader has done the hard work and can serve up thoroughly researched, practical strategies to you on a silver platter. That’s what they do.

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Pay-For-Performance (PFP) Advertising

While building your website is a necessary first step in the right direction, your new website won’t do much for your business if nobody visits it. Once you have submitted your site to these search engines and directories through our site visibility services, the next step is to drive traffic to your website. Our PFP services use only the best search engines and content sites available on the web because these are the names you know and can count on to deliver the best qualified leads to your site.

As part of the PFP services, we will identify which keywords to target based on how relevant they are to your business and how high a return on investment (ROI) you’ll get from them. Once the keywords have been identified, we will write the ads that will appear in the search engine listings. We also pay all the search engine fees for you. These services are included in the prices quoted below.

Our PFP services are designed to offer you fixed budget Internet marketing campaign because you pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. The website traffic generation service comes in 3 month increments. For a set monthly fee, we’ll receive a set number of unique visitors per month. You can also choose between targeting a regional area (cities/states) or a national audience.

NOTE: In some cases there are not enough searches to meet the ordered amount of unique visitors. This might occur when the geographic area is very small and the product/service is unique. In this case, we will notify you and move you to the lower level the following month.

Once your website starts receiving more traffic, the next step you can take is to make improvements on your site’s content or design by finding out what it is that your visitors like and don’t like. The way to find this information out is by analyzing data on their habits. 10x Marketing’s Website Analysis and Automated Reporting services will provide you with just the vital information you need to make those critical decisions.

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