What Determines the Cost of TV Advertising?

Television has long been known to be the best medium for airing advertisements over years. Many people consider television advertising to be the best way to get their message out.

The cost of making an ad is one factor that will determine the amount of money that a business will pay for a TV advert. Though the initial production costs may be high, the payoff comes when the cost-per-thousand is considered. This is the cost that it takes for 1,000 viewers to see the advertisement. TV has one of the lower costs-per-thousand in the advertising industry and when its effectiveness is taken into account, the costs are often well worth it.

In addition to actual production costs, there are costs associated with running a commercial on television. The cost of running an ad on television is determined by a number of factors. Research shows that people watch television for more hours during vacation. Businesses also assume that there are high demands of products and services during holidays than in other seasons of the year. Thus, commercials that run during the summertime, when many consumers are on vacation, and around major holidays, are more expensive.

The length of the commercial is one other factor that will determine the cost of airing an advertisement. Long advertisements are usually expensive.

The TV channel that will run the ad also determines the cost. It is relatively cheaper to air an advertisement in a local television than airing it on international television channels.

The time of the day that an ad runs will influence the amount of money an advertiser will pay. It is usually more expensive to advertise in the evening than in the morning or during the afternoon. However, the advertiser must consider the time that is best to run the ad based on the number of viewers who are likely to see it.

The points shown above are some of the factors that determine the cost of an advertisement aired in television.

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